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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

So I was browsing the internet and I was trying to think of some topics to write about and thought I would write about the Wing T formation. This formation has been the foundation of the spread option attacks of todays game and allows for a better balance of run and pass. Learning about this [...]

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So I have been getting a lot of emails from parents and coaches about how to get my son or players to the next level, either the college or to the pros. So I did some thinking and came to the realization that there are three positions that a coach or player can work for [...]

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The Table is Set in the NFL Household

As many of you know last night saw a clash of the titans which are the NY Giants and the Green Bay Packers. The conditions were brutal and if I heard/ saw another reference to putting water into cup and watching it freeze to prove how cold it was I was going to shoot some [...]

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