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A New Football Season

Tis the season of grass stains and two-a-days. I love this time of year as a football coach because it is a chance to prove your worth once again on the football field. Wherever you turn, you hear about football or coaching football. As a football coach, our job is never done even in the [...]

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So I recently got an email from a gentlemen named Dan how wanted to promote a new website called BrainLine.org. As football players get faster and stronger every year, football concussions has been on the rise and should be a concern for every football coach. Here is what he has to say about the new [...]

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So I was recently contacted concerning this new product/ service that could help football coaches or coaches in general with the issue of team communication. We all know that with today’s football players they are always on the go and are into the latest high tech gadgets. I know the majority of my players are [...]

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