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So I know I have not written for awhile, but just wanted to reach out to everyone and congrats on a great football season. As coaches we have different standards on how we judge a successful season. Some do it with wins and losses, but personally I judge the season on improvement of the team. [...]

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A New Football Season

Tis the season of grass stains and two-a-days. I love this time of year as a football coach because it is a chance to prove your worth once again on the football field. Wherever you turn, you hear about football or coaching football. As a football coach, our job is never done even in the [...]

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Here is another great post from football coach Dan Levin. He is a Head Coach of a football team in Australia.  If you would like to contribute to the site please drop me a line using our contact form. Our football season has reached the halfway point and the issue of where to go to [...]

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